Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My favorite songs in famous album called "Abbey Road"

I like this album very much. There are many songs that I like. For example, "Come Together", "Something" and "Here Comes The Sun". But, most favorite song is No,10~No,13. "Sun King", "Mean Mr. Mustard", "Polythene Pam" and "She Came Through The Bathroom Window". These songs are medley. You should listen this medley because it was the most cool medley for me.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

About Stuart Sutcliffe

John and Stu (Stuart Sutcliffe) met at Liverpool art of college. Both were student of this college.

When The Beatles went to Hamburg, he worked as a bassist. but he died at the age of 21 because of brain bleeding.


Derivation of the name "The Beatles"

Stuart Sutcliffe, one of John's best friend, suggested "Beetles". And John suggested "Beatles". "e" changed "a". John says, our music is based on beat. So "Beetle" changed "Beatle".


Complement of last post

First, the reason why John can't play the guitar well is that he didn't know chord of the guitar . He played it picking a banjo chord.

Second, John was taught by Paul how to play the guitar but John had to play the guitar looking mirror because Paul was a left-hander.

Encounter of John and Paul

When John was 16, he formed a band called "The Quarry Men" with his classmate.

July 6 1957, The Quarry Men performed at Garden Party. When Paul saw the performance of The Quarry Men, he thought "What a bad band this is!" But, Paul counted on John's ability. So Paul approached John playing the guitar. The song was "Twenty Flight Rock" made by Eddie Cochran. John was surprised at Paul because the performance was perfect. So John pleased Paul. Then a songwriter called "Lennon and McCartney" was born...