Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rubber Soul

Rubber Soul is their sixth album. After a live in Shea Stadium, 1965 12 3, this album was released. An Indian instrument, sitar, was innovated a song called Norweigian Wood. I recommend a song called Nowhere Man because their harmony is very beautiful.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ed Sullivan Show

Before a live at Shea Studium, in 1964, The Beatles appearanced very famous TV program called Ed Sullivan Show. They made a suprising record. An audience rate of this was 72 percent. In New York, there was a no crime by youth when the show was broadcasting.

Shea Stadium

In 1965, The Beatles did a live at Shea Stadium in U.S.A. Actually, it was the first time that musician do live in the stadium. So the event was very amazement thing. They played their songs but sounds of their performance couldn't hear not only The beatles but also passenger. Because a lot of fans kept screaming.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Robert Allen Zimmerman

Robert Allen Zimmerman is Bob Dylan.

He is unique man because he sings his originally voice.

He is falk singer. He plays the guitar and harmonica.

His famous songs are "Like A Rolling Stone" and "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall"

John was inspired by him, so he composed a song called "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away".

So Bob Dylan was an important person for The Beatles.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

An artist who respect The Beatles

There is an artist who respect The Beatles. They lives Manchester in U.K. Most famous song (I think) is "Whatever". Can you understand who they are? It is Oasis. Their album called "(What's The Story) Morning Glory?" is very cool album. Liam Gallagher, a member of Oasis, loves John Lennon. So he imitate him.

There is Noel Gallagher. And he is older brother of Liam. They are Brothers but they doesn't good relationship between them. Because of this, Noel left. So now they stop acting. I hope Noel come back to Oasis and restart Oasis.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Strawberry Field

Strawberry Fields Forever is a song that was written by John Lennon.
When he was a boy, his parents divorced.
So he went a place and played only by himself.
The place was favorite place for him.
It was Strawberry Field.
Strawberry Field is not his imagination.
It certainly exists.

I want to go there listening Strawberry Fields Forever...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jesus died for you John

One day John said, "The Beatles is more famous than Jesus".
It caused big demonstration in U.S.
People burned many records, CDs and pictures of The Beatles.
He apologized about what he said. "People are misunderstanding what I said! I wanted to say for you that The Beatles have influential than Jesus!"

I think this picture is irony for John because he did long hair to become look just like Yoko Ono. But he resembles Jesus...